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I tried out a dozen different tools before I discovered Wunderlist. I love it. It’s simple yet powerful. They have clients for Mac and Windows, plus iPhones. wunderlist_flask_ is a simple demo of GET, PUT and PATCH with the Wunderlist API, coursera_calendar_ makes Wunderlist tasks with due dates for all your currently active Coursera classes, aggregate_foursquare_friends_ makes Wunderlist tasks from tips on places in your home city from your Foursqaure friends. Review of Wunderlist. Find Wunderlist pricing plans, features, pros, cons & user reviews. Get free demo.


Wunderlist demo.Wunderlist Is Shutting Down: How To Export Data From Wunderlist? – nTask

May 23,  · Click File > Import From > Import From Wunderlist. Things is available on iOS and MacOS, and costs $50 for Mac, $10 for iPhone and Apple Author: Alison Denisco Rayome. I tried out a dozen different tools before I discovered Wunderlist. I love it. It’s simple yet powerful. They have clients for Mac and Windows, plus iPhones. Wunderlist is a Project Management software. Learn more about it’s pricing, reviews, features, integrations and also get free demo.

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GitHub – upchuk/wunderlist-api-demo: Demo of the Wunderlist API

Wunderlist Is Shutting Down: How To Export Data From Wunderlist?
Wunderlist Pricing, Reviews, Features – Free Demo

Wunderlist, one of your favorite to-do list app is bought by the Microsoft To-Do. Wunderlist team has worked for years to make it the best to-do list application. It is announced that the Wunderlist app will shut down on 6 th May It is bad news for the Wunderlist lovers, as now, they will have to shift to another to-do list app. There is an easy way to export all of your to-do list items and task to another application. The good thing is that you have many options to switch from Wunderlist.

You can migrate your work to other apps as well, such as nTask. A step by step process to migrate your to-do list items will be shown to you later in this article. When Microsoft purchased it back in , it stated the application will work free and still support other platforms.

However, now it is completely shutting down, you are forced to switch to another app. Microsoft will like you to migrate all your task items to Microsoft To-Do application , the successor of Wunderlist. It offers integration with other Microsoft tools and the Outlook for your ease.

Microsoft To-Do has its own benefits and drawbacks. This left many unhappy users who are looking for other options. However, you can easily export your data from Wunderlist to other alternatives and continue to get your work done while being productive.

The Wunderlist app will keep on running till the 6 th of May and you will be given a chance to export your data to other applications or get with Microsoft To-Do. However, you will be given some time to import your work to Microsoft To-Do, but this will not be for a longer time. So, what to do in this situation? No matter how much you love Wunderlist, you will have to switch to Microsoft To-Do by default or choose any other app to manage your to-do items.

After the shut down you can only export the data to Microsoft app, so if you are willing to move your work to another app then you should act now. There is a number of ways to do this. We have explained a number of ways to export your Wunderlist data below:.

You can easily export your data prior to 6 th May from the link: export. First, you need to sign in your Wunderlist account to create a copy of all your tasks, lists, subtasks, comments, and files in a Zip format.

You can use this data as an archive and import them to your favorite to-do list app like nTask. Source: Makeuseof. You will need to convert your file in the CSV format as the task management tools and to-do list app allows you to import data in a CSV format.

Source: Zapier. Moreover, you can also migrate your Wunderlist data to your favorite app from Zapier. You will need to create an account on Zapier first. Get to the Wunderlist integration of Zapier. From here, you can integrate your Wunderlist account with a thousand other apps and get your data exported.

Get in the world of task and project management hub, nTask. It is one of the best Wunderlist alternatives that give you more control over your tasks, to-do list, and project by making you more productive.

It is more than just a to-do list application that gives an elaborative task management solution and makes smart list items. Moreover, nTask comes with native timesheet management , meeting management , risk , and issue tracking. This gives you ease to manage your projects and tasks like never before. Moreover, you can visualize your task progress with interactive Gantt charts. A popup will appear where you can download the template. Now, you can copy the table with the correct heading from the CSV file exported from the Wunderlist app and paste them in the columns of this nTask formatted CSV file.

Once you are done filling out the task title, task description, to-do list items, task priority, task status, and dates, then you can save the file on your computer. Make sure that the file saved is in CSV format.

Now you need to browse the saved CSV file with nTask format and import it. Once the file is imported it will show the success popup. In this article, we have highlighted how you can export your data from Wunderlist and switch to other to-do list applications such as nTask. If you face any issues in migrating your data from Wunderlist to nTask, get in touch with our support team and they can do it for you: support ntaskmanager. Manage your team, tasks, projects and more on a single platform.

Sign up today, it’s free. Wunderlist is shutting down. Learn how to migrate your data from your beloved Wunderlist app to other to-do list application within minutes. Table of Content. More related articles:. Get Started For Free. Ready to up your game with nTask? Book a Demo Try For Free. Ready to do more?

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