Piriform defraggler slow.How to speed up Defraggler


Piriform defraggler slow.Troubleshooting when Kamo blocks or slows down webpages


How to use Defraggler.Troubleshooting when Kamo blocks or slows down webpages – Piriform Support


Go to our license lookup page and enter your registered email address to retrieve info about your products, including product download links, license key (s), and expiry dates. Send me my license details. Video Tutorials Get help from our Youtube videos. Community Forum Get support from expert users. Oct 14,  · I have the pro version, it runs very slow last week it took 23 hours, same drive this week 54% after hours. Does anyone have a fix. I have win 10 update to the lasted, 32 mem. Why? Microsoft isn’t in the business of selling a defrag tool. The one they include into Windows is just a quick mashup of an old tool they had laying around. It would make no sense for them to spend resources on making a better tool just so they.


Piriform defraggler slow.Defraggler – Piriform Support

If you’re computer is slow to run programs and open videos,try piriform defraggler and make your computer fast, learn more about defragment check description. Feb 15,  · Changes I made to reduce Defraggler run time from more than a day to less than 6 hours for 1TB on Windows 7 Defrag was super slow prior to doing this. Go to Settings > Options > Advanced tab. Check – Save all settings to INI file. Check – Stop VSS when defragmenting NTFS volume. Why? Microsoft isn’t in the business of selling a defrag tool. The one they include into Windows is just a quick mashup of an old tool they had laying around. It would make no sense for them to spend resources on making a better tool just so they.
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Defraggler extremely slow – Defraggler – CCleaner Community Forums

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Defraggler take too long – Defraggler – CCleaner Community Forums

By pwillener , May 13, in Defraggler. I tried Defraggler because I want to use it to move some files pagefile. However, it takes extremely long! If it continues on this rate, it will take 11 days to complete How do I actually get certain files moved to the end of the partition? Thank you, ‘romanoff’, for your PM. I will run Defraggler in debug mode next time, and send you the logs.

I have had the exact same problem. Previously say, last week , it worked perfectly. Not sure what has changed.

I’d be happy to follow the previous post and run in debug mode, but isn’t the debug log generated only if Defraggler finishes? If so, then not likely, since I’m not going to wait the days and days it might take to finish.

We are looking into this. Well Pwillener, I suggest you dump your entire computer and buy another one. Not “made in Russia” is it? Perhaps a valve set? Defraggler is the most invaluable program I have ever found on the net. It is super efficient, lightening fast in completing a defrag and absolutely trouble free. I simply cannot imagine how a company like Piriform can offer such a miraculous program as a freebie. One guy on a Computer Forum said in answer to my Defraggler tributes – “I see no point in messing about with these kind of programs when Windows Defrag works just as well or even better”.

This is the most crap statement I have ever seen. This Sloth-like system takes 5 hours or more to complete. Of course the members of this Forum may tell you where you are going wrong – that is what Forums are for – but going wrong you are.

I have had superb response and service from Defraggler for years with NO trouble. If you are over 30 years old, then forget Wndows Defragging – you just ain’t got enough life left. Dude, chill out. It’s been noted that not every configuration works perfectly. I do wonder what pwillener’s hardware specs are, but there is no need to go off on him.

He came here asking for help, and in no way was he bashing Piriform. He was merely asking for assistance. However, the last time Windows built in defrag program took that long was on my parents Pentium Pro Gateway based system. I’m not promoting it, and I love Defraggler, but I’ve never had that much of a problem with Windows’ built in implementation. I too have never had trouble with it, but you don’t have to go off on him. If he didn’t want help, he wouldn’t have come looking for it.

It seems that he wants to use the program, so your comments were totally uncalled for. I wonder if it has something to do with your crazy amount of partitions. I cannot imagine that having a few more partitions than normal would influence program behavior. But I will start a debug defrag this evening, so hopefully Piriform will find out what’s taking so long It finished within 3 hours. I wonder if it is something to do with running Defraggler for the first time?

I may also need to mention that I use the “Quick Defragmentation” method wit Diskeeper – which does not defragment free space. I’ve just starting using defraggler, and I’m having similar issues, my machine has been left on for days, without the defrag completing. I’m running WIndows Vista. What I am seeing is more and more fragmented blocks appearing. I’ve now disabled system restores, and my fragmented files have gone, and it seems to be defragging my drive without any problems now. It still has to complete only been running 30 mins so far , but I’ll report back when or if it finishes.

My guess is that Windows system restore doesn’t play well with the file re-organising that defraggler does. I agree, Mark.

I deleted all my restore points and reran defraggler. It now seems to be moving along at a steady rate. I ran Defraggle and left it running all day 9am-9pm I stopped it as it was not half way through! Looking here it seems know one has come up with a solution, this is very disapointing! Is my only choice to delete it? WoW KAS you are off the hook! I almost hope you have to come back here for help or some where else and get a response like what you posted here!! It makes no sense to defrag a system with all the stuff you don’t need or want still in it.

Well, you are so blessed to be so smart and have such an efficient setup that Defraggler runs fast. I just downloaded Defraggler and it is very slow, but this is the first defag operation other that Vista’s defragger to be run on my GB SETA hard drive. I do have an old, slow PC. It is about 10 months old. Intell Core2 Duo T 2. It is slow, but again, it is free and it has GUI that Vista that does not offer.

After looking at the first analysis, it does not appear Vista was defragmenting anything even though it was set to.

Disabling Restore points corrected this problem for me. Defrag completed in a reasonable amount of time. Operating system is Vista Ultimate x I used the built in Vista defragmenter three days ago. Why should I use Defraggler? Windows Derfrag is many more better and faster. I have a GB HD, running win xp pro. One partition FAT Now I can’t boot up my computer even in safe mode. It won’t boot up using the last good configuation. I did a fixmbr and fixboot with my winxp cd, and it still would not boot.

I used a program called TestDisk www. It showed the MBR and Boot sectors needed to be fixed I can view my files in the root directory, but on deepere analyzing of each cylinder, there is a problem with the last 3 cylinders. I still can’t boot up normally to recover my data Any help or sugestions would be appreciated.

You can combine those with a “USB caddy” so that you can transfer an external disc to internal. If you have no money and can borrow an external disc, you could re-partition to avoid bad cylinders, but failing discs usually continue to fail and more bad cylinders will appear before long. Fat32 is dreadfully unreliable. A single bit wrong in the boot sector can ruin the whole thing completely by making the next program overwrite the wrong FAT area.

NTFS is only a bit better. The Linux Ext2 or Ext3 system is far better. It doesn’t suffer from fragmentation hardly at all. Unless you have a little Linux bootable partition as well, you can create and maintain it with a Linux CD system such as “Knoppix”. Recommended Posts. Posted May 13, This is the first time to use Defraggler – I usually use Diskeeper on a daily basis.

Is it normal that Defraggler is that slow? Link to post Share on other sites. Posted May 14, Posted May 15, What is it doing? And after 50 hours – defrag complete. Still 5 fragmented files, 30 fragments, and a total of 6. Here my options How do I actually get certain files moved to the end of the partition? Just to show other forum members that Piriform has contacted me about my observations.