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Free messaging or video chat app for your phone. Share location, use GIFs or quick reactions in your chats. Works on Android, iPhone or Windows 10 Mobile. Mar 02,  · To be clear, Microsoft now has three Skype for Android apps to maintain: this new app for older handsets, Skype v8 for recent handsets and Skype Lite for the Indian market. 21 rows · Oct 06,  · Before you download Skype for Android, make sure that your device meets the following 65%(43).


Old versions of skype for android.Download Old Versions of Skype for Business for Android for Android –

Mar 02,  · To be clear, Microsoft now has three Skype for Android apps to maintain: this new app for older handsets, Skype v8 for recent handsets and Skype Lite for the Indian market. Mar 29,  · Until the app developer has fixed the problem, try using an older version of the app. If you need a rollback of Skype, check out the app’s version history on Uptodown. It includes all the file versions available to download off Uptodown for that app. Download rollbacks of Skype for Android. Any version of Skype distributed on Uptodown is completely virus-free and free to download at no cost. Skype Old Version free download – A Old Pops Escape Mania FULL VERSION, Old Fort Banking Co. iPad Version, Speakables for Skype (Windows PC Version), and many more programs.
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Latest Emoticons flagabrosexual flagagender flagbigender flagdemisexual flaggenderflux flagneutrois flagpangender yammer teams recycle. Latest Releases Skype 8. Latest Testimonials khanhmy : Thank you so much for your tips. That’s helps me a lot!!! Bless you all, Kate GabKul : Excellent solution. Worked well for me with the chrome download provided and with the web Win 10, Skype 8. All working OK ;- bobbo : Very impressed. Retired, hobby is fixing old Thinkpads, most of which run XP, spent a lot of time tr… Daniel : It worked great!

Downloaded the vbscript and it works! Thanks :- Shurer : Hi! Thanks, it is working! Thank you very much for the suggested solution with Chrome. Worked very good on Vista. Now I can…. Skype for Android 29 comments 30 downloads. Skype for Android is a free app for smartphones and tablets, which allows users to make free audio and video calls, and send instant messages and files between Skype users.

Download Download for free Skype for Android. File size: Operating system: Android. Release date: 16 jun Versions of Skype for Android The table below lists all the versions of Skype for Android that have been published on our blog. In the column with the desired version number of Skype, click on the link to learn more and download the installation file.

Versions for Operating system Skype version Release date Android 8. Skype Features Some characteristics and features of Skype for Android: Chat instant messaging Calls between Skype users Video calls Skype only on certain phones Android Calls to mobile and landline phones Receive calls to Skype numbers Participation in group calls Phone book synchronization with Android Import contacts from your phonebook Call forwarding List of favorite contacts Filtering the list of contacts on the list Send SMS-messages from Skype Voicemails Video messages Send files Connecting to Bluetooth devices.

System requirements Before you download Skype for Android, make sure that your device meets the following requirements: Operating system: From Skype 5 to the latest versions, Android 4. I can not use Skype. Regards Hamid. Hello dear Hamid! First of all, please never publish your confidential information on any website.

About your problem, can you explain please which error occurs and what is your Skype version? In order to help you, please provide more details about your system, and specify the Skype version and error message that occurs.

Hello, is there a particular reason why the site doesnt seem to archive Android versions anymore? The latest available here is 7. Sorry for this, but the only reason is that I do not have time to publish them.

I hope that I will find the time to do this and keep all versions up-to-date. Please help. I cannot get skype started. I have downloaded a million skypes. On my home page when I pull up skype I get this message I have down loaded old versions , new versions of skype. I keep gett ing the same old message I am going out of my mind with this same old message. Please tell what version of skype I need to download and install.

I have my old android about years. I go to play store and download skype I need an old version for my old “dog”. Please help and tell me what version of skype to download and where I can find it.

I need help. Thank you. John Etta. I can be wrong, but either your device is no longer supported or you have a ARMv6 processor.

To say for sure, I need more technical details about your device and if possible, please make a screenshot of the error. Hi, I installed your 7. I was looking for an older version for a while, because the latest skype version is incompatible messages appear sent but the contacts don’t receive anything, no sync for contact list, doesn’t recognize my account altogether.

Your skype version is unable to connect to skype. Could you please tell me how to fix it? The firewall is disabled, the AVG as well. Skype for Android version 6 could not connect now, and the latest version has proceeded to 8, which have a new design I don’t like. I have a version 7. Do you need it? Thanks for the suggestion! I have a collection of all versions, but I do not have time to upload and publish them to the blog. Nevertheless, if necessary, I will contact you.

Hi, During the video call, once I go to chat window for typing messages, if I come back to video, the other side video not coming up at all. The version used is Android 8.

Any suggestions? Thanks, Vikram. Hello Vikram! Unfortunately, I cannot test this version right now. Why do. I now have to set password for account when I used to b able to access it by clicking on screen app before the same way ad on my desk top. Apologies if this is a bit redundant to write on this post as well as another asking same thing but been trying to understand the confusing version numbers and compatability inconsistency.

I have Android 5. Anyone know if Skype made a special version of Skype for this version of Android or is this some error? Have they made an announcement they are going to soon stop support for Android 5. A little update. I still have no clue. I had talked to Skype support and the person i talked to sounded like they didn’t know what they were talking about and implied it was just a bug on my end. Since when do bugs have their own unique version numbers and release dates?

Any answers on what’s up with this Skype version number? I had updated to the 8. This is annoying. Would be nice to know if this really is a version released at the end of March and another version for my version of Android will roll out or if it’s Play Store not displaying a proper update.

Apparently 8. The person i spoke to was a bit confusing and maybe didn’t have all the info but they said for my Android 5. Lol Skype is managed terribly. Hello, what can I do to install the classic version again? Anything I do not allow login. Please help me with the old version. I can not go to the old and classic version. Apparently this is an outdated version of my work with Skype. It’s just that the old version does not work. I do not like the new version at all.

Please help me with this limitation. Fix it if you can design an old version. Unfortunately, Microsoft has disabled Skype 7 and users cannot use it anymore on any operating systems.

Have looked into Skype Lite for Android to see if you like it any better? It leaves out some of the bloated features of Skype 8 for Android and optimizes for low performing devices and unstable internet connections.