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The Need for Speed: Special Edition, was made available only on PC CD-ROM, containing DOS and Windows 95 versions. The Windows 95 version supports DirectX 2 and TCP/IP networking, and includes two new tracks and various enhancements in the game engine. The above text is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License/5(). Mar 08,  · Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 LM Street Version (Replace & Addon) for Need For Speed Most Wanted. Mar 05,  · Hallo YouTube!This is my first video i ever made!Today, I’ll show you how to download the Need For Speed, The first game that created from the nfs game serie.


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Oct 08,  · Need for Speed, The. Publication date. Also For. 3DO, PlayStation, SEGA Saturn. Developed by. Electronic Arts Canada, Pioneer Productions. Published by. Electronic Arts, Inc. Dec 02,  · The Need for Speed is the first racing game in the Need for Speed Series, and it was developed and published by Electronic Arts (EA) in for 3DO. It was ported to DOS in , and PlayStation and Sega Saturn in It has many sequels and remakes all the way up to %(6). To fully appreciate the impact of The Need for Speed, think back to Your desktop PC was probably a midrange Pentium with a quad-speed CD-ROM drive and 16 megabytes of ram. Your game collection consisted mostly of sprite-based adventure titles and some low-res textured driving and flight sims.
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We are still keeping the site open and free and will appreciate your support to help it stay that way. We are trying to make it easy for people in every country to donate. Please let us know how we could make it easier for you. Every now and then, a new game appears that sets new standards in its genre. When the game finally came to Europe, many of us game nerds thought that it was a commercial for cars.

And since the game concept was very similar to the famous Test Drive , the game that was much ahead of its time, even hardcore fantasy, horror, strategy, and adventure lovers like me had to make an exception and simply dive into the magic that NFS brought. Every player surely had hundreds of replays, good movies, interesting situations, and crashes to remember. Enough praises, what about the game itself? If you played Test Drive , then you have a picture of what to expect.

There are eight types of cars you can choose from and are classified in three different classes:. As for tracks, they can be separated into two groups: racing tracks and open road. In racing tracks you drive a certain number of laps, while open road tracks consist of three parts and the total time decides the winner. There are six tracks at the beginning, but you will unlock extra ones once you win the tournament.

To do so you must win the race on all tracks, but tracks are also classified. So, in tournament, you can only choose the car from the class that is assigned for the certain track and you will be facing other cars from the same class.

There are a total of eight racers, with you being one of them, and the rest are computer controlled. The head to head race on open road includes regular cars that use the road, and the police, which will chase you if you drive too fast which is the idea, right?

You may get as many warnings as possible, but if you get two speedings in the same part of the track, you will be arrested and the race is finished for you. Once the siren is on, if a police car manages to get in front of you, your speed will slowly reduce to zero, so it is better to stop right away to save time Or not to let the cops get in front of you.

Everything on the roadside is for appearance only, and many things looked very nice some of us were very impressed with the idea of balloons in the Coastal track; it reminded us of the CorelDraw logo.

The opponent AI is pretty good — they are capable of performing some solid driving, as well as doing some dirty driving like blocking you off or pushing you. If you race in head to head mode and the computer driver is not close to you, it is not likely that the computer player will crash with cars passing by, but it is possible.

NFS is no simulation, but it does have decent physics. The controls are simple and easy to master for beginners, but later on you may choose the manual gear and use the handbrake — nothing too complicated, but it may get you better results. The game supports multiplayer over modem or direct link in head to head and single race modes.

Some of you may prefer other games in the NFS series, but this will remain my favorite. Switching to an even more arcade style, where it seemed that you could drive around MPH as easy as MPH, turned me away from the series as well as lack of rock music and bringing more electro sound, which is less important.

I don’t really like racing games much, but this one I played for months. Driving the Alpine track with the third part covered in snow, looking at the surrounding graphics, pushing my opponents And winning the Alpine track in tournament mode for the first time because two leading drivers crashed at the end of the third part which got me the best total time without actually winning any part of the track — all this is just part of the fun you can have in this game.

If you played its sequels and wondered how the first game was, now is the time to try it out. An absolute must for the lovers of races and sports cars and a must-try for everyone else. Try it out in the safety of your room with this legendary game. This is a CD rip, meaning that there are no movies included and no car info either. Furthermore, clicking on a car and entering the car info will crash the game.

The patch is included in the extras in case you want to unlock bonus tracks. Just unpack it to the NFS directory and read the instructions.

Without sound, the game works perfectly in XP. Please give whatever you can to help us. Create new account Request new password. Electronic Arts, Inc. Abandonware Racing 1st Person 3rd Person Network. If you like this game, you will also like. Crazy Cars 3.

Lamborghini American Challenge. Test Drive – Triple Pack. Harley-Davidson – The Road to Sturgis. Privacy Policy Cookies. Your Ad Here. Fix this! Overhyped mediocrity from an industry giant.. Posted on: by live2njoy The mids was a renaissance period for racers. Not to mention plenty of other awesome racers which weren’t available on pc or a home console at the time but which demonstrated the capabilities of the genre; Virtua Racing , Daytona USA , Dirt Dash , and so on. After the innitial excitement of driving a exorbitantly priced sports car died down it felt like a chore, gameplay was a sacrifice made to unlock the next exotic car or track, and time has only magnified its shortcomings.

Why was it so popular then? Add a large marketing budget, attractive 3D graphics when most people hadn’t even seen Virtua Fighter or Donkey Kong Country yet, and you get a landmark title.

But for all the wrong reasons, or maybe I’m being overly cynical because style has substance. Back then a lot of lives were enriched with this title, isn’t that all that matters. Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson said “Never meet your childhood heroes, stick with your memories, they’re just better.

The collisions of NFS were poor, the computer opponents were dumb and felt far removed from you, the engine sounds were monotonous and the tire screeching especially obnoxious, but most importantly it lacked the primary draw of a racing game, a thrilling sense of speed and tight control.

Ultimately, even with rose-colored glasses, one realizes the NFS series was vastly over-rated, and this original in particular is virtually unplayable today. What does it say about a racing game when the music, car photos, and FMV cut-scenes were the best part of the experience? This was a best-seller from a bygone era, a more innocent and less entitled time when just having a 3d Lamborghini or Ferrari or Maclaren in your game was enough to get millions of boys and men playing, and smiling.

This is a good download for dosbox, but as a virtual museum, not as a game. Or just stick with your nostaligia.