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Experience how MicroStrategy empowers users via HyperIntelligence, Mobile Analytics, Dashboards & Dossiers, Visualizations, Geospatial Analytics, and Enterprise Reporting. Jun 21,  · Installing MicroStrategy Desktop. Follow the steps below to install MicroStrategy Desktop. For a Mac, if your security preferences do not confirm the developer’s identity and you cannot install Desktop, open the app by right-clicking the MicroStrategy file and selecting Open.. If you do not want users to run the installation themselves or you want to install the software in bulk. The MicroStrategy Desktop User Guide describes the steps for a business analyst to execute and analyze a dashboard in MicroStrategy Desktop. It provides the information necessary for a business analyst to import data from a data source, and use that data to create and modify dashboards. This guide is organized into the following sections.


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MicroStrategy Desktop lets you import and report on personalized data from various types of files, including Excel spreadsheets, comma separated values (CSV) files, tab separated values (TSV) files, and printer (PRN) text files. For a list of other data sources, see Data sources for data importing, page 4. MicroStrategy Desktop is a free data discovery tool that helps people bring data to life using powerful self-service analytics. With Desktop, users can easily connect to, prepare, and blend data, then quickly build insightful visualizations and dashboards. Did you find this helpful? Experience how MicroStrategy empowers users via HyperIntelligence, Mobile Analytics, Dashboards & Dossiers, Visualizations, Geospatial Analytics, and Enterprise Reporting.
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If you do not want users to run the installation themselves or you want to install the software in bulk to many users, you can create a silent, or automated, installation which is called from a script and executed without user interaction. For steps, see Silent Installation. To upgrade an existing installation, see Upgrading and updating MicroStrategy Desktop.

You may have to extract the downloaded files to locate the MicroStrategy- Version. When extracting the files, ensure that the extraction software maintains the folder structure of the compressed files. Most extraction software maintains the folder structure by default, but if you use WinRAR, ensure that you select the Extract full paths option. You may see a message asking if you want to allow the MicroStrategyDesktop. Click Yes to permit your machine to open the Desktop installation file.

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Marque todos los que correspondan No he encontrado lo que buscaba. Las instrucciones eran confusas o no eran claras. Las instrucciones no funcionaban. Gracias por sus comentarios. Quer nos contar mais? Review the software and hardware requirements, provided in the online readme. Select the readme corresponding to your software version at. You must have a Desktop license to install Desktop. You must log on to the machine using a domain account with Windows administrative privileges for the domain or target machine, and you must have write permissions in the installation directory to complete the installation.

MicroStrategy Desktop cannot concurrently be installed on a machine that has other MicroStrategy products installed, with the exception of MicroStrategy Office. Log on to the machine where you are installing MicroStrategy Desktop. Exit all Windows applications before beginning the installation process. Navigate to the download site for Desktop and download the Desktop installation files. Locate and run the MicroStrategyDesktop- Version. For example, to install the bit version of Desktop, run MicroStrategyDesktopbit.

Review the welcome information and click Next. The License Agreement page opens. Read the license agreement, and accept the agreement by selecting the check box.

If you do not accept the agreement, you cannot install Desktop. The default location where the Desktop will be installed is displayed. You can change this if you want to install Desktop in a different location. Click Change , browse to the location to install Desktop, and click OK. Click Start to begin the installation of MicroStrategy Desktop. The Progress page opens, which displays the progress of the installation.

After the installation is complete, the Successful Installation page opens. When you open Desktop, a registration message is displayed. If you have an existing MicroStrategy account, type the email address for that account in the Email field and click Register.

If you do not have a MicroStrategy account, type your email account and click Register. In the Registration dialog box, complete the requested information and click Register. Building your first dashboard. Upgrading and updating MicroStrategy Desktop.