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Feb 11,  · MS office MathType aEasy and fast math I will show you the easiest method to work on MathType inbuilt in MS office Requirements Office is only supported by MathType b (not and not a) and later. Select one of them at a time, and click Open. This will bring it into the Add-Ins box. You will then need to click Add one more time to bring in the other add-in (either MathType or ). Nov 29,  · 第一,把mathtype安装包的以下三个文件复制到桌面。. Office Support\64中的以下两个文件复制到桌面。. MathPage中的. 第二,打开word,打开文件—选项—信任中心,并点击信任中心设置. 再点击信任位置选项卡,就可以找到starup文件的位置。. 再把桌面开始复制于mathtype.


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Word for Windows, open Word Options (via the Office Button or File tab), then click Add-ins. In the Manage box, click Templates, and then click Go. Uncheck the box next to the MathType Commands item. To remove them permanently, quit Word and remove the MathType commands from Word’s . MathType Easily write math equations from anywhere! MathType for Office Tools The easiest way to write math equations in any digital document. MathType for LMS The easiest way to write math equations in your Learning Management System. Arabic notation Editing math formulas for . 当用户安装上述提供的Mathtype时会提示不兼容的Office版本。. 解决方法如下:. 1、从MathType安装路径中找到MathType\Office Support\64中的MathType Commands 6 For Word 和WordCmds两个文件。. 此步骤要注意自己安装的Office版本是32位还是64位,32位用户在MathType\Office.
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If you have not first read and followed the steps in that article, please go to TechNote and go through the process described there. If you have meticulously worked through this process and the MathType tab is still not on the ribbon in the bit versions of Word listed above, please write and let us know you’ve gone through the steps here, and you still don’t have a MathType tab in Word.

The information on this page applies to: MathType 6. Please note: This article assumes you have confirmed you are using bit Office. If you haven’t verified this, don’t just guess and don’t assume. In fact, most computers running bit Windows are not using bit Office. They are using bit Office. The steps below will not work for bit Office.

Using the drop-down menu located at the bottom of the window, choose Word Add-ins and click the button labeled, “Go”. In the resulting window, under Global Templates and add-ins, the following items should be present:. If the items from the previous step are not present , proceed to the next step. If they are present, the ” MathType Commands” item should be checked selected if you’re using MathType 7 and later. If you’re using MathType 6. If the items from step 5 are not present , that’s OK.

Please try this:. Click the Add button. This will open a window titled Add Template. You will see the following items in the folder among others : MathType Commands 6 for Word Office is only supported by MathType 6. Select one of them at a time, and click Open. This will bring it into the Add-Ins box. You will then need to click Add one more time to bring in the other add-in either MathType Commands…. Once you have them listed under Templates and Add-ins, the boxes on the left side should have a checkmark inside, but if they don’t, click to place a checkmark there.

Click OK. This should restore the MathType tab in Word. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to load it in. Note: If the process described above works for the current session of Word, but the tab is missing again when you close and reopen Word, you may need to manually add MathType ‘s macro files to Word’s startup folder.

This sometimes happens if you have to reinstall Word for a system problem, and sometimes for other reasons. Unfortunately, the location of Word’s startup folder sometimes varies from one computer to the next. Find the 2 files mentioned in step 7c above, and copy them to one of these locations.

If the first one doesn’t work, try the next, etc. Log In.