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Jan 26,  · Issuetrak comes loaded with the tools you need to get your team on track, including automation, reporting, custom forms, alerts, a knowledge base, and more. Pricing Receive a personalized quote from one of our Product Experts.5/5(3). Nov 28,  · Q. What type of pricing plans does Issuetrak offer? Issuetrak has the following pricing plans: Starting from: $/month Pricing model: Subscription Free Trial: Available. Q. Who are the typical users of Issuetrak? Issuetrak has the following typical customers/5(). Issuetrak is a flexible issue tracking software solution that can be configured to suit the needs of a variety of industries and usages, including IT Help Desk, Customer Support, Project Management, and more. Issuetrak can be deployed in the cloud or hosted on-premises and is suitable for departments and organizations of any size.


Issuetrak pricing.Issuetrak Reviews and Pricing

May 13,  · The pricing of Issuetrack starts from $ per month. Its pricing model is based on a one-time subscription. This software comes with a free trial where a credit card is not required. This software is worth the money as it comes with multiple versatile features. Nov 28,  · Starting from: $/month. Pricing model: One Time License, Subscription. Free Trial: Available (No Credit Card required) The software with the most features for your money. The price for the IssueTrak is based on the number of Licensed Users you require and the type of solution you choose/5(). Issuetrak is a flexible issue tracking software solution that can be configured to suit the needs of a variety of industries and usages, including IT Help Desk, Customer Support, Project Management, and more. Issuetrak can be deployed in the cloud or hosted on-premises and is suitable for departments and organizations of any size.

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Issuetrak is an agile and very flexible software platform that can easily be shaped to fit your operations management tools and specific business needs. Issuetrak is capable of analyzing multiple processes and departments to provide corporate management the data they need to decide what is working and what is falling short so that bugs can be fixed and better practices can be replicated.

It is also a tool that allows users to build other tools. In machine-to-machine IoT where entities are tracking entities, the platform-as-a-service feature of Issuetrak springboards future developments that can be applied across many other aspects as businesses evolve. There is a paramount importance of making it easy for the customer to shape their operations and management tools to fit their specific business needs.

Issuetrak is built for leveraging issue ticket statistics to improve the bottom line. IT directors use Issuetrak to analyze multiple processes and departments, and to provide corporate management with data about what is delivering results and what appears to be falling short, so that bugs can be fixed and better practices replicated. For Issuetrak users, there is a direct correlation between the data gleaned from ticketing software and financial success.

It has greatly improved our ability to address issues and track our assets. Challenge: This company has hundreds of technical assets and customer products. Whether equipment is part of their inventory, in the shop temporarily for repair or leased out at customer sites, they need to keep detailed records on the location of its assets. Moreover, the company needed a more effective way of managing help desk and customer support issues, especially as the company increased its field support for software and equipment across several states.

The Technical Services Manager envisioned an online portal where customers could log and track their support issues as well as tap into a knowledge base for help. Also, sales reps stay ahead of upcoming customer events like renewals or budget planning, helping secure sales. It saves time, especially when dealing with people on the other side of the world.

Since the IT Manager joined in , the company has expanded significantly through acquisitions. As the employee base grew, so did the challenge of keeping up with help desk requests across countries and time zones using only email. Issuetrak gives the small, Massachusetts-based IT team a simple way for employees at five locations to submit help desk requests at any time.

Automation in Issuetrak alerts the team when tickets have been open for a certain length of time, ensuring that the team resolves them within specific, defined timeframes. Tickets also close out automatically when they have met certain criteria. I get hours back in my week that I can spend on getting new business. A software training company needed a better solution than email to track customer support issues and how those issues were being handled and by whom. The current system took too long to respond to customer requests.

The company also lacked reporting functions on current and past issues. Its pricing model is affordable for a small business and offers the support we need. The software company pays only for administrative users, not each client accessing the system, keeping costs down as the company grows. Plus, Issuetrak delivers a number of capabilities that enhance support for technicians and clients:.

For clients, submitting a request is the same as it always has been; they simply send an email. Issuetrak directs customer emails to the right technicians based on who the customer is and the nature of the question and ensuring that the request gets to the right person right way. Clients can log into Issuetrak to look at the history and current status of their support requests.

When a technician accepts or addresses a ticket, the client contact automatically gets an email regarding the status. The company turns to Issuetrak to manage the many tasks and files of a new web development project in one place: hosting, themes, design, content and more.

Those tasks and documents are under one ticket, instead of Contract technicians keep track of their hours in Issuetrak and no longer need to submit detailed invoices. The company gives technicians access only to the clients to which they are assigned, rather than the entire client base. With the mobile version, technicians address customer needs and update status wherever they are. The company gets fast support from Issuetrak when anything arises.

However, it is futile to stumble on such an app even among popular software solutions. The reasonable step to do can be to spell out the various main functions that demand careful thought such as key features, pricing, technical skill ability of staff members, organizational size, etc. Next, you must double down on your research thoroughly.

Go over these Issuetrak reviews and check out each of the solutions in your list more closely. Such all-encompassing product research makes sure you keep away from unfit software products and pay for the one that meets all the benefits your business requires for optimal results. Issuetrak is one of the top 50 Help Desk Software products. If you are interested in Issuetrak it might also be a good idea to investigate other subcategories of Help Desk Software gathered in our base of B2B software reviews.

It’s important to keep in mind that hardly any service in the Help Desk Software category is going to be a perfect solution able to meet all the needs of different business types, sizes and industries. It may be a good idea to read a few Issuetrak Help Desk Software reviews first as specific software might excel only in a really small group of applications or be created with a very specific industry in mind. Others might work with an intention of being simple and intuitive and as a result lack advanced features needed by more experienced users.

You can also find software that support a wide group of users and offer a powerful feature base, but this usually comes at a higher cost of such a solution. Be certain that you’re aware of your needs so that you purchase a service that provides specifically the features you search for.

Issuetrak offers two licensing options Support and Productivity and two hosting options Cloud or Premise based. A free online demo is also available. The data is then presented in an easy to digest form showing how many people had positive and negative experience with Issuetrak. Users also have the option of emailing their tickets if they are not able to access the software. The user information is linked to the ticket which means we do not have to do extra research on who submitted the request.

Sometimes, the software does not open a new window or tab and simply goes straight to the page. PROS: I like the following features: The ability to store users and search for them and the ability to categorize the various jobs we receive. Plus, Issuetrak helps us to communicate directly with our customers which is an improvement over the previous help desk we used which allowed us to only log our communications through calls and emails. Plus, I am not able to use graphics and tables without attaching files.

There is a character limit on emails which prevents us from sending lengthy emails. PROS: Issuetrak is easy to configure and ease. The learning curve is short and we could easily set up the software for our work. Users love the easy and fast input. The system helps them efficiently manage hundreds of tickets every day.

CONS: There are no issues with the software. If anything comes up, the support team fixes it quickly even if the issue is at my end. PROS: Issuetrak is easy to set up and use. The upgrades are straightforward.

The tech support is excellent and the agents provide prompt and helpful service to resolve issues. CONS: The tool is concise and clear and meets all my requirements. The GUI could be improved, but apart from this glitch it is a great product. PROS: The support team is great and the agents are fast, professional, and courteous. They make me feel at ease and resolve all issues efficiently. CONS: I have been using Issuetrak for more than three years, but have not found any noticeable drawbacks.

PROS: The app is powerful yet intuitive. It offers a comprehensive set of tracking features as well as optional modules that cover ancillary requirements. The customer support is excellent and the agents have sound knowledge about the product. CONS: Issuetrak can be difficult to set up. You need to learn about certain terms and language of the product to stage it effectively.

Plus, different features may be depend on other features which are not obvious when you do the initial configuration. PROS: Issuetrak is a flexible app that is easy to maintain, use, and upgrade.

The software is flexible and the useful training site offers valuable ideas on how to use the site for different systems. CONS: The mobile version could be improved. I would also like to be able to use the software to scan barcodes in Asset Tracking. The pricing is scalable and product is ideal for project management and to track issues. CONS: It takes some time to set up the system-generated emails for the end users, but this is to be expected given the flexibility of the software.

PROS: I would like to point out the following as top features and benefits: The app is fit for our purposes. It is simple to use, semi-intuitive, and highly scalable with regards to user volume. Both these pose problems when creating reports and performing searches.

Messaging is per instance, ideally outbound messaging should be per inbound email address and not per instance. Finally, it is hard to implement SLA functionality. The vendor heeds customer input and constantly improves the product to make it better.

The customer support is top class. CONS: A few features have limited flexibility, but the vendor is working to improve these areas. PROS: The features I like are reporting, next action ticket to individuals, organizing the tickets, and email to ticket. The app is easy to set up and helps me effectively manage my Lock Desk and IT unit. CONS: There are few drawbacks.

First, I need to by a license for each user. Then, I am unable to transfer tickets to others which prevents me from assigning tickets to the right agent in a timely manner. The security level needs to be improved and I should have the ability to give users direct access to the system to submit tickets.