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How to backup HTC phone with HTC Sync Manager? Step 1: Download and install the program on a computer. It currently works well on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Mac OS X. Step 2: Turn on USB debugging on the phone and connect it to computer with USB cable. Step 3: Open HTC Sync Manager and click “Transfer & Backup” tab on the left sidebar. Jul 28,  · Is there any way to do a full ‘nandroid’ backup directly to a PC over USB? The one downside I’ve found to HTC is if running the stock rom (but rooted), when updates come along, it’s an epic pain in the neck to update. In order to update a rooted. Mar 14,  · • Users can take HTC backup to PC and later use an existing backup to restore the content to their device. • The application is freely available and can backup/restore all kinds of major data types like contacts, messages, photos, videos, call logs, music, calendar, documents, and : Nicola Massimo.


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Feb 11,  · After you connected your HTC One to the PC, Android-Sync connection manager will try to help you install the proper USB driver for your HTC One. And SyncDroid service will be installed on to your HTC One automatically. You may need to click on the [OK] button from HTC One to allow it to be connected to PC. Step 3: Ready for Backup. Connect HTC U11 to your computer as a disk drive to manually copy and paste files to your computer. Other data Check other apps to see if they support exporting data to the storage card or phone storage. How to Back up Everything on HTC One 10/M9/M8/Desire.
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HTC Backup App: An Ultimate Guide and Best Alternatives
HTC Backup App: An Ultimate Guide and Best Alternatives
Transfer Data from HTC One M9 to Computer
HTC U11 – Ways of backing up files, data, and settings – HTC Support | HTC United States

Equipped with a large screen touch, HTC phone is fascinated by many enthusiasts who long for wonderful operation experiences. In terms of taking photos, its professional camera feature also makes it renowned as a mini digital camera.

While the mobile pictures get larger, people will choose to send them to their computer, because this will save the memory of the phone, and ensure the security of the images. And you can choose the best one as per your preference. Well, let’s start right now. It seems that it’s not difficult to migrate pictures from HTC to computer, but there are not many methods to ensure that the process is smooth, the result is secure, and to assist to manage photos in an easy manner. Here is a program – MobiKin Assistant for Android with both PC and Mac version that can do those and bring you satisfactory experience.

This is a convenient method and is your best bet. It is also easy to operate on the computer with its expanding functions like organizing Android contacts, music, apps, or text messages with simple clicks. Ensure that you have started Assistant for Android on PC after the download and installation. Next, follow the on-screen direction to get HTC device recognized by the program.

You’ll see all the specific pictures from screenshots, camera, etc. Just choose whatever you desire by marking the corresponding boxes nearby the pictures. Transfer all photos with 1-click: After the connection, you can also transfer photos from HTC to PC in bulk in an one click way. Then tap “Back Up” to store them to PC.

In order to make the software far from shortcomings, and after countless tests, this safe, simple and cost-effective tool came into being finally. Once debuted, it was well received by users all over the globe and is very popular now, helping to process huge amount of Android data. By using its backup and restore feature, you can do the task of HTC file transfer to PC without facing any trouble. Step 1. Download and install this program on computer.

Then follow the easy instruction on the screen to get this plug-in handset identified by the software. Soon, you’ll get the main interface like below. Step 2. There are “Backup” and “Restore” options displayed on the interface. Just hit “Backup”, and you can see all file types on the pop-up list. Now tick on “Photos” option , and press “Browser” button to locate a folder on computer for saving the HTC pictures.

Step 3. After that, just click on “Back Up” button from the bottom right to transfer photos from HTC to computer as a backup.

Although it has been released for a long time, it is not available for some HTC models. Download, install and open HTC Sync tool on computer. Next, choose “Sync now” from the top right. This method is relatively simple generally. But it might make your mobile vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Plus, you might accidentally delete the images you need, and thus may rush to find an Android recovery tool to get them back. After linking HTC phone to computer via a USB cord, you will be prompted to choose the mode of transfer from a pop-up notification on the phone screen. Simply choose “Media Device” option.

Check the SD card folder or the location of your phone’s internal memory. Finally, select your wanted images to copy and paste them on the PC. Going for Bluetooth to transfer photos between phone and computer is the same as that between two mobiles. You should enable this function on both two devices and pair them first. To make it easier for you to move images, it is recommended that you opt for other ways if you have tons of photos for migration, for this transfer process is relatively slow.

Then click the name of HTC on computer to send the Bluetooth pairing request, and accept the Bluetooth connection on the phone to pair them.

Head to the Notification panel from the bottom right on PC to click the Bluetooth icon, and select “Receive a file” from the pop-up list. Next, a dialogue will turn up implying that everything is ready. Start the “Gallery” app on the mobile. Then choose your desired pictures and click the “Share” icon. Afterwards, choose Bluetooth from the list of “Share via Step 4. Choose the name of the PC, and all the chosen images will then be moved to computer. You can see the photo transfer progress from the Bluetooth file transfer dialogue.

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