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Hitfilm will run on that system, but it’s going to be skow–especially for 3D models and particles. Go for AT LEAST a GB SSD. or a terabyte is better. Once you start making proxies GB goes fast. It might be worth putting an SSD in the “free” lappy for now. Sep 30,  · High system requirements Steep learning curve HitFilm Express’ main selling points, includes advanced cutting tools, audio and video filters, layers and masking, compositing tools, keying. 4 rows · Apr 17,  · The following Systems meet the system requirements set by HitFilm Express 12’s developers.


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4 rows · Apr 17,  · The following Systems meet the system requirements set by HitFilm Express 12’s developers. Minimum system requirements. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite or OS X El Capitan. bit operating system. 1 GB free hard disk space for installation. Internet connection required for online activation and web services. Intel Core i3, . HitFilm Express – Features and Specifications HitFilm Express features HitFilm Express Revolutionary workflow features HitFilm Express takes your workflow to the next level. Seamlessly combining a huge array of features providing amateurs and professionals everything they need to see a project through to the end. Combined timelines Switch from one tab to the next as you [ ].
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HitFilm Express has a price that is hard to beat, with a selection of tools that make you wonder why you should try any other free video editor. So here we are, taking a look at HitFilm Express 15 , the free, pared down version of its bigger brother, HitFilm Pro. How does this app for Windows and Mac fare? Read on to find out. There is one downside to downloading the app – you kinda have to go through emotional blackmail in order to get it. Drag the slider to the right to pay more, and get a really happy emoji, or to the left to pay nothing at all, and have that emoji cry.

We do agree and totally respect the fact that developers need to be paid for their work, but this feels a little underhand. Still, if you offer to pay something, you will get free packs as a thank you. For the sake of this review we had a look at the pack-free version. Having gone through this little hurdle, you are presented with a fully functioning advanced video editing package, which includes more than just trimming away unwanted footage, tweaking colour levels, and exporting video to a new format.

This is a full edit suite that can be used to work with filters and special effects, as well as a selection of 2D and 3D composition tools. If you’ve used a video editor before, you’ll find that there are few surprises when it comes to getting started with HitFilm Express. The interface is broadly similar to other comparable tools, with a section for imported material and a timeline to arrange it. If you feel lost, there are a vast number of video tutorials to help you master HitFilm Express.

However, you can also learn by experimenting with effects, dropping clips onto the timeline, and trying out the composition tools. Those on offer are genuinely impressive, and include high-grade animation options that are simply not available free in most other places.

However, you can also totally customise it to your liking, moving windows around, docking them with others, closing them, turning them into floating panels, the choice it yours – whatever suits your working habits. Such flexibility is great to have.

You will find however, that not all tools are available to you. The same applies for filters. Some nice additions we liked include the Track Select Tool – which lets you highlight everything to the right or left of your selection. Even better, you can choose to select either the audio or video, depending on where you clicked. Shapes are now much more versatile than they used to be, enabling you to create anything from a basic rectangle, to really complex polygon shapes, and is bound to be a lot of fun to use.

We also liked a clever addition which made us wonder how we managed to cope without it before: the ability to add multiple outlines to text. So simple to use and so effective to boot, we enjoyed playing with that feature as well. HitFilm Express is most impressive. A multi-platform, stable, and full featured video editing software which you can use without having to shell out for its premium add-ons although those are definitely welcome should you need them.

TechRadar pro IT insights for business. North America. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Home Reviews Software. Our Verdict HitFilm Express has a price that is hard to beat, with a selection of tools that make you wonder why you should try any other free video editor.

For Professional-grade software for free Great selection of online tutorials Welcome updates Highly extendable for a fee. Against A bit of emotional blackmail before downloading the installer High system requirements Steep learning curve.