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Mar 08,  · Norton Ghost 15 does NOT work with Windows 10 nor does it work with Windows 8 / The team that built and updated it was disbanded in and therefore there are no more updates. It is not usable and therefore you need to find another backup program just . Jan 27,  · People say Norton Ghost is Compatible with 10 you would have to do this > Norton Ghost install for Windows 10 I was reading THIS POST on Symantec Connect and user cjm found a solution to activate SSR in Windows I just made a couple of adjustments and tried Ghost 15 in Windows It worked! I edited his instructions for Ghost Nov 16,  · That’s all for how to use Norton Ghost Indeed Norton Ghost is a good tool for computer backup, restore and clone, but you need to pay for it. Fortunately, there’s another choice – AOMEI Backupper Standard. This free alternative offers all Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins.


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Acronis True Image. Jan 27,  · People say Norton Ghost is Compatible with 10 you would have to do this > Norton Ghost install for Windows 10 I was reading THIS POST on Symantec Connect and user cjm found a solution to activate SSR in Windows I just made a couple of adjustments and tried Ghost 15 in Windows It worked! I edited his instructions for Ghost Sep 07,  · Norton Ghost for Windows File size: MB Requirements: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP; Language: English Available languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Chinese; License: Trial version Date added: Monday, July 9th Author: Symantec. SHA/10().
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Skip to main content. Norton Community – Fresh new look with improved features. Watch Video. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and Norton Ghost When I open Ghost, I get the window requesting I load the product key. When I do, I get a message stating the Product Key is not valid. All my backups use Ghost but now I can’t get access to them.

Any suggestions? Ghost 15 will not activate on Windows 10, Ghost produces v2i files and these can be accessed via the replacement for Ghost which is SSR R2. At the moment we are waiting for Symantec to wake up and support Win10 but at the end of the day you will have to invest in the latest Ghost. Your solution worked. Thanks for the information. You’re welcome, yes I am aware of that, no further technical support that is why we volunteers are here to help G15 users and future SSR R2 users.

This is the best site for Ghost users and I include SSR users because if you go on the SSR site it seems to be geared up for the professionals not the home users like you and me. I’ve not seen anyone else have any success getting Norton Ghost 15 to work on Windows 10, so it seems I may be the first to manage this!!! I changed every important looking application file this way, one at a time, rebooting each time until finally I was able to successfully enter my licence code.

I think the key file to change is the ‘VProSvc. However the other files may also be important, so I suggest changing them all. If you have a bit operating system, then the Norton Ghost 15 folder can be found in the Program Files x86 folder. After the reboot, on running Ghost 15, you will be asked to enter your licence code. This time, unlike before, the licence registration should be successful. I have already tested making a Windows 10 backup, followed by recovering to a previous Windows 7 installation, and then finally recovering back to the Windows 10 backup I just made.

You are a week late ;-. Thank you drjwolfe. I installed another backup program but now that I haven possible fix I might have time to devote to this. I would think that Norton would have come up with a fix??? Yes drjwolfe. Thanks for this. I think you made your W10 Ghost backup after you applied your fix, correct.

I have some images that have been made automatically from my settings in Ghost after I upgraded to W10 without your Ghost fix. Do you think these images are good. I would like to restore one of these images. So I could apply your fix first and then restore to a W10 image that was made before the fix. Do you think this would work. I was anxious and wanted to do the restore.

It worked. Now I will go back and do the compatibility mode again. Hello Kent Basically I’ve tested the Ghost program to destruction in every scenario I can think of and it seems to have worked every time.

I think your images made before the fix should therefore be fine. Images made during the trial period however are still valid. If you want to be especially cautious, then make another Ghost backup now using the fixed version or Recovery Environment , and then you can always roll-back to that one if your previous image doesn’t work.

But it will work!!! I want to thank you again. It did work and all seems fine. I have been looking at getting Shadowprotect as an imaging program because Ghost wasn’t supported in W I skipped W8. Supposedly Shadowprotect will be compatible any day so I am waiting. But now if Ghost is working, I am not sure I should change things.

Ghost has been very good to me over the many years and once again it saved me. Thanks very much for your help with this. I know others appreciate it too. That’s a DOS name, isn’t it? What is the real filename? Of course I changed compatibility for the exe, but that was it.

What am I missing here? That won’t affect the success of the process. Just change any the above files that you can find to run under Windows 7 compatibility mode. If you can’t find it, then don’t worry about it. It is likely that you will get Norton Ghost 15 to work on Windows 10 by changing just that one file.

I only mentioned the others as I changed each of the them one by one, rebooting each time, and it was only when I got to the ‘VProSvc. I just changed the file you mentioned, and my Norton 15 is now activated. Thank you so much. I also made a test by remove a directory with my popcorn time. The single file you mention was the only one I changed Propertys for. I also just changed te property on another computer where Norton 15 was not uinstalled. Reboted the computer and Norton was still there activated and I could perform a backup of this computer.

And of course also made a test restore of a software. It worked without any error. I’ve got Norton Ghost15 to work on win 10 I’m glad to say. First had numerous problems with 30 day trial and non acceptance of licence code. Then ran Norton Removal Tool which was ok in my case since I had no other norton product not sure what happens if more than one norton program on same computer. Reloaded program different copy.

Changed compatability to win 7 as recommended. This accepted licence code. This now works fine. I don’t see the need to pay extra for SSR R2 when Ghost 15 can be made to work as explained by other contributers. On one computer where I have not uninstalled the ghost, It just run without the need for entering the activation code.

Thanks for the fix but I have run into another problem. I cannot make a system recovery disc. Wow – wish I was as lucky as the rest of you. Been at it for days now. One thing I noticed is that after changing everything to Win 7 compatibility mode, the system somehow remembers that setting – even if I run Norton Removal Tool after uninstalling Ghost v Must be stored in the registry although I thought the Norton Removal Tool was supposed to clear the registry, too.

Torrent , and then use someone else’s computer to burn it. Or burn it yourself, using a program such as ‘ImgBurn’ or ‘Nero’. It is right here I’ve done it with WinPE 3. I have not tried with the latest version of WinPE. I gave up on this. I have win 10 on a dual boot so I am simply using Win 7 to make images and everything works fine. The main reason I want to use Ghost is so I can browse the image file and extract individual files from the image, rather than having to replace a whole image.

Is there another imaging program that can do this?. Unfortunately I cannot extract files from an image. I was able to make the changes and everything “appeared” to be working in Win Backups made and verified.

I tried to just recovery a single file and got a “could not mount” the drive error. I had run Ghost twice. I tried recovery from both images but when trying to recover the file and got the error, the drive letter shown was not the one used and I could not change the drive letter to the correct backup location.