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Apr 23,  · Geek uninstaller has made my life easier, my system is completely clean. I can compare Geek uninstaller to Revo, so Geek is the best. Revo doesn’t fill the uninstall list. Geek Uninstaller is more simple to use. It’s a very useful product for me because I . When running on x64 Windows Geek Uninstaller is running as native bit application. Latest release notes [11 September ] – Fixed calculation of total occupied space of all apps. Small improvements [17 May ] – Fixed occupied space calculation for some apps [17 April ] – Fixed certain AV false positives. Sep 11,  · One of the advantages of this application is it’s very fast in detecting the left-over files, unlike other uninstallers. I’m not saying that this application is the best, but I see a lot of Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins.


Geek uninstaller reviews.Geek Uninstaller v Review (A Free Uninstaller)

Highly recommended.”. – Lewis Leong, Softonic. “The bottom line is that Geek Uninstaller is a nice tool that can be quite useful. Inexperienced users shouldn’t have any troubles while working with this program, thanks to its intuitive layout and overall simplicity.”. – Ana Marculescu, Softpedia. “Geek Uninstaller is perfect for anyone who wants to make sure they leave nothing behind on their system when they uninstall . Oct 31,  · Geek Uninstaller is a popular software uninstaller for Windows users, and it’s entirely free to use. In our Geek Uninstaller review, we take a close look at the application’s features and 4/5. Feb 02,  · Geek Uninstaller is perfect for flash drives because it’s a single file that takes up very little space. This means you can carry with you to always have a solid program that can remove even the most stubborn software. We really like the export feature because the HTML file Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.
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Copyright SnapFiles. All other trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners. Save for later Add to Favorites. It leaves stuff behind by fernman Aug 25, Read all my 8 reviews. As I often try various bits of freeware, I thought Geek Uninstaller was ideal for me. But after using Geek for a couple of weeks, UltraSearch found 4 files on my hard drive with the name of a program I had removed, and another 4 files with the program maker’s name.

I then ran Regedit which found 3 leftover keys. Now I am using another uninstaller, whose first use was to remove Geek! No Posted Aug 25, for v1. Fantastic by Kerry Apr 04, Read all my 3 reviews. Removes everything way better than the Microsoft uninstaller. Yes Posted Apr 04, for v1. Very good for portable uninstaller tool by TechGuy88 May 04, Read all my 2 reviews. I’ve found Geek Uninstaller to be very good for a portable no installation needed uninstaller tool.

In comparison to Revo it sometimes finds more leftover items. In a few instances, it found less. Of course, compared to the monitorthe-installation-style uninstallers, Total Uninstall, Crystalidea Uninstall Tool, Revo Pro, etc it will be less complete at finding leftover or hidden changes. I have compared to Total Uninstall, which almost always finds a few extra leftover registry entries. Still, a very good and worthy uninstaller tool to have in your tech kit. Especially given that it does not require to be installed itself.

Yes Posted May 04, for v1. Good uninstaller, but lacks features by realbull Jan 02, Read all my 60 reviews. This is a good uninstaller. It supports x64 programs and will do what you want it to do; uninstall programs and scan for left over files.

The only weak points this FREE version has is that it lacks many other features compared to similar software. It is NOT perfect on uninstalling leftover files as many may believe. It is good as a quick moderate uninstaller, but if you want something more thorough you will have to buy the PRO version or choose another uninstaller such as Advanced Uninstaller PRO 11 or Comodo Programs Manager.

Yes Posted Jan 02, for v1. Intuitive, efficient and quick by tcarnevale Oct 16, Read all my 5 reviews. For me, this is an excellent uninstaller. Does almost everything I want: a deep scan, force uninstall, creates a list of installed programs. Only additional feature I might like is ability to batch uninstall a bunch of programs. A keeper! Yes Posted Oct 16, for v1. Fast, easy and effective Geek Uninstaller is a formidable tool when you speak of uninstallers. It’s simple GUI has few options if any and the information it collects on installed software is sufficient and if need more just right click and use Google and you’ll have what you need.

It will perform a deep scan by default and remove what ever is left behind. Having problems uninstalling a program? Really not much to say except that Geek Uninstaller gets the job done with no hiccups Yes Posted Apr 21, for v1.

Decent by gimpguy Sep 04, Read all my reviews. Aside from the fact that it uninstalls, it has a viewer to see where the items reside in the registry.

You can export the list to html, remove entries, force remove and Google search to lookup an install. It’s a good uninstaller but I wish they had the option to collapse the list or choose which installs to view. Yes Posted Sep 04, for v1. Very quick by rayandrews Jul 22, Read all my 4 reviews. I have used a lot of Uninstallers, but this software gets the job done very fast, the user interface is very basic but simple to use, so very helpful for novice users, this also makes it easy if you are helping say a family member over the phone who wants some software removing Review details Interface Features Ease of use Value Recommend to a friend?

Yes Posted Jul 22, for v1. Hits the spot by RFlaggs May 10, Read all my 4 reviews. This program does not offer as many features as other uninstallers, BUT it offers the most important things with a compact, no frills interface. The scan for leftovers is quick, automatic and accurate. I would like to see an option to filter out MS updates, something that most other uninstallers offer and that makes the list a little less cluttered.

Yes Posted May 10, for v1. This is truly a very useful uninstaller without all the problems. Everything is just simple and to the point. I like this very much, I recommend this over the competition.