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Sep 29,  · FinderPop is an application which extends contextual menus using its own custom folder items. The latest version supports both Mac Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Lion, featuring numerous new options to access Desktop, mounted disk images, processes, and user-selected items residing in its FinderPop Items ted Reading Time: 3 mins. Apr 23,  · Posted: Fri Apr 09, pm. FinderPop’s prefpane appears to be bit (it probably has to be, in order to load on most bit versions . Sep 28,  · FinderPop is a Universal preference pane that extends OS X’s contextual menus using a FinderPop Items folder much as the Apple Menu Items folder used to do for the Apple menu It has other features too: Control-free popup in the Finder – handy for those with one-button mice/5().


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FinderPop is a control panel that extends Mac OS 8 or 9’s contextual menus using a “FinderPop Items Folder”, much as the Apple Menu Items folder does for the Apple menu. Some people think of FinderPop as a launcher that takes up zero screen real estate, . FinderPop is a universal preference pane, which extends Mac OS X’s contextual menus. FinderPop uses a handy filesystem browser that allows rapid and easy access to files and disks within Mac OS X Finder. The application uses a FinderPop Items folder in much the same way as the Apple Menu Items folder used to work for the Apple menu.4/10(). Apr 01,  · FinderPop also provides a number of other minor features. For example, you can enable “Control-free” contextual menus in the Finder; just click-and-hold on an item to 9/
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Hi all, i’m still using Mojave because FinderPop is a 32bit app, but i think i really need to upgrade macOS.. Sadly, that means i have to ditch FinderPop.. Here’s what i’ve found so far: CustomMenu – doesn’t seem to be a contextual menu, and seems to be missing exploring folder contents, and the awesome ‘processes’ par, which allows you to open the document you clicked with a currently open app that’ll have it.

Also, can’t even try it before buying it since it’s on the app store.. Edit: added link to FinderPop. Maybe this, Shortcut Bar? Thank you for that suggestion! Sadly, it is a MenuBar app, so no contextual actions..

This is what i love about FinderPop: shortcuts, the processes sub-menu, and the current folder contents.. Ahh ok gotcha! I wasn’t sure what FinderPop was since there was no link provided, and well I was just to lazy to search for it. But when I noticed the reference to Xmenu I thought I knew what you were after. I’m also on Mojave, no reason just yet to upgrade.

But ya some OS transitions are harder then others. And it always boils down to this 1 little app thingy which sometimes holds everything up. I have this menu bar item call Himmel bar, just app launcher drop down menu etc.

Been using it for years and it was discontinued ages ago, but keeps on running, and it’s quite wonderful. But I know after Mojave it’s not going to work because of 32 bit.

Yeah, it also feels kinda arbitrary, this removal of 32bit applications.. Sadly, i’m neither skilled enough, nor do i have the time, to take over FinderPop development plus, it’s not been open-sourced , but i sure wish someone could do it, it’s such an insanely powerful addition to the Finder Didn’t Apple give like ten years’ lead time for that switch?

My best guess is that FinderPop was implemented using Carbon or had some dependance on Carbon somehow. The writing has been on the wall for Carbon since When apple decided not to ship the bit port but it has been officially deprecated since It’s not about the removal of support for bit executables, anyway.

There’s good reasons to keep SIP enabled, but you can still disable it if you want. I’d be surprised if FinderPop actually worked in modern macOS, but it’s still theoretically possible.

That’s so odd, ‘cuz i thought FinderPop was 32bit.. Thank you! FinderPop’s prefpane appears to be bit it probably has to be, in order to load on most bit versions of macOS even before the removal of bit support , but the daemon itself, which, I’m presuming, does all the actual work, is bit only and uses Carbon, from the looks of it. So, if FinderPop does anything at all on modern versions of macOS, its functionality is probably limited.

Here’s the guide from Apple’s docs. Jonathon wrote: FinderPop’s prefpane appears to be bit it probably has to be, in order to load on most bit versions of macOS even before the removal of bit support , but the daemon itself, which, I’m presuming, does all the actual work, is bit only and uses Carbon, from the looks of it.

I thought i had noticed that key parts of FinderPop were bit only.. Running without SIP for a small interface program seems to me like going on a construction site without a hard hat to preserve your hairdo. Scallywag wrote: Butler? I loved FinderPop, and bought Turly more than one pint of beer in thanks. What I most loved was the joy of surfing though my hierarchical folders to be able to open or save files more easily.

These days I use Default Folder X, which at least tries to give me some help in the regard – but there’s a distinct lag before the DFX options appear in the Finder dialogue box. Just bumping cause I saw a new app of theirs, Menuwhere. Wonder if that plus Butler would get you partially there Well I mentioned everything I remembered to them on this Twitter thread , might as well hop on if you can think of anything else that you use.

FinderPop alternative 20 posts. Last edited by petersphilo on Sun Apr 04, pm. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. Ars Praetorian et Subscriptor. The FinderPop binary itself has Intel bit support: Code:. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Jonathon wrote:. Scallywag wrote:. Posted: Thu Apr 01, am. Posted: Thu Apr 01, pm.

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