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Mar 14,  · Blender Add-on Overview: Box Select X-Ray (Free) 2. By OnlineRender on March 14, Add-ons. Dec 10,  · Show X-ray shortcut Alt + ZA simple solution by using show X-ray for selecting geometry that sits behind other topology,in Blender this was classed as l. Jun 16,  · Selection Modes, X-Ray, & Deselect in Blender (Tweak, Box, Circle, & Lasso Select) Updated: Feb 8. Learn the basics of the different selection modes: Tweak, Select Box, Select Circle, and Select Lasso in Blender for 3D printing. Dive deeper into all the selection modes with Suzanne the Monkey. Learn the 3D print designer workflow for 3D.


Blender 2.8 x ray.⚓ T Proposal: Blender Wireframe, Select Through & X-Ray

Sep 01,  · The paradigm difference in , is that wireframe is not needed for normal selection anymore. X-Ray has essentially replaced wireframe mode as the main way to select through items. In , Wireframe mode is just a shading mode, not (as it was in x) the way to select through objects. Blender How Do I Make an Armature Go X-Ray? Solved. So, I’m trying to rig this Demonic Teddy Bear for my Horror FPS game. /r/blender is a subreddit devoted to Blender, the amazing open-source software program for 3D modeling, animation, rendering and more! k. Members. k. Dec 17,  · Blender also has an x-ray mode (which was called limit selection in ) which allow you to see your entire mesh even when you are in solid mode.
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In Blender 2. Wireframe mode could be enabled as a viewport display mode:. Two suggestion to consider from Modo, whose selection functionality is one of its’ greatest assets:. In my opinion we should either decouple the x-ray setting between these modes, or add more modes. I just can’t think of a case where if I switch on x-ray in wireframe, I would also want that in solid mode automatically.

Petter Lundh plundh , please remove the screenshot, we can’t have screenshots from other software in Blender design tasks. We already have the X-Ray option exactly for that purpose. Another thing we could do, is to make the X-Ray toggle visible in the header. I agree with Brecht Van Lommel brecht on the decoupling of the xray settings for wireframe and solid mode. If each mode remembers their own xray settings this could fix the issue.

This can be an optional setting like the “Lock Object Mode” is. Adding an option in the preferences for “Lock Xray Settings” would be my suggestion. Edit: Perhaps this idea can be expanded to the shading options in general, which basically just means that the outline settings would also remembered by each view method since all the rest are individual to each mode.

I would rather have an outline shown in wireframe since there is not other implication of intersecting objects without shading than I would like to have it shown in solid mode, where it’s much more visible anyway. I think if the X-Ray toggle is in the header, just like Occlude Selection was, then it’s always clear which state you are in. It’d be quite jarring if X-Ray which is now mainly a selection thing toggles itself when you change shading mode.

They are independent things. One is a shading mode, the other is a tool setting to allow selecting through or not. The user will either want to select through or not, but that doesn’t necessarily correspond to being in wireframe mode or not.

The paradigm difference in 2. X-Ray has essentially replaced wireframe mode as the main way to select through items. Hiding backfacing wires produces, in most cases, a more readable wireframe view, and if you really want to see and select through, we have the X-Ray setting exactly for that purpose. That said, the current Z-key behaviour has some advantages too, in that everything is bundled together in an easy to remember shortcut. William Reynish billreynish. But it’s not just about selecting through, it’s about seeing through as well.

Using wireframe mode coupled with xray let’s you see through the mesh completely while still giving you enough information to see through an abundance of objects while still making out individual shapes. In comparison it’s much harder to see through solid mode with xray unless you turn the xray alpha setting way down but at that point the objects may become too invisible.

OR some users find the wireframe with xray too busy with high polycounts and find the solid xray way more usable for selection and seeing through a scene and would rather never use wireframe with xray. This would still work with the z shortcut and an xray button would give that extra context of which mode is using xray currently. If it would be used for more modes than the ones we had then it might become jarring if you don’t know about the setting but then if can also be tunred off.

There are many settings in the preferences that are a blessing for some and breaks the workflow of others. That’s why I recommend this to be optional. Edit: And I don’t mean locking these settings completely. It’s like with “Lock Object Modes”. The view modes would remember their settings but they can still be changed at any time.

Problem I see with this is that it’s really easy to edit one state by mistake and workflow can become messy. On a slightly different tangent, selected items in Wireframe Mode seems to display slightly strangely when you disable Overlays. At least on my system, edges of selected objects have a choppy shimmering effect when overlays are off.

It’s a funny thing, because the selection outline is normally an overlay setting, but here the wires are not overlays, so how to display selected outlines without Overlays? This added option can make it really confusing if the user are unaware of it.

That’s the thing! You can’t! Because it’s an overlay. Wires are being forced but all other overlays aren’t. Ok, can we just decouple the setting between the two modes then?

I still think X-ray really should on by default for wireframe mode though, I think it’s what users expect from a wireframe mode and what is the more commonly used option. If all you care about is seeing the unoccluded wires you might more likely use wireframe overlay in solid mode. I agree with Brecht Van Lommel brecht here.

Off in Solid. On in Wireframe. The Shading popover layout already changes between modes, nothing wrong or unexpected to have a setting be different while in either mode. X-Ray 1. X-Ray 0. I completely agree that it would make perfect sense to do this decoupling, IF X-Ray was just a viewport option.

But that’s the crux of the issue: It’s not. It’s not a viewport shading option now. I think everyone is confused because the X-Ray option is in the Shading Popover. That’s why we have to move the button where the Occlude Selection used to be, and why we I still don’t think we can’t do what you suggest.

It’s the exact equivalent if changing to Wireframe Mode would automatically change into Vertex Select mode. You would not want that. Likewise, changing to Wireframe Mode should not mess around with selection settings. I don’t believe there is such a clear distinction between shading and selection.

X-Ray significantly affects both what you see and what you select. At the end of the day, switching between a useful wireframe and solid mode view is just annoying and slow for me now, and I think a lot of users will find the same.

That is the issue we have to solve. I don’t care if the button is visible in the header or in the pie menu, it doesn’t change that. I think the confusion is because Wireframe used to be an easy way to get to ‘select through’. Now we have the X-Ray Select option instead. The new pie menu also confuses things I think, because it mixes the shading modes with the X-Ray Select option, and it’s not so clear if you should use X-Ray or Wireframe.

If you come from 2. But that’s all wrong. If we keep using the design proposed in this document, X-Ray has now been combined with Occlude Selection and is a selection thing. Wireframe is a viewport shading thing. Now, to solve the problem that’s been discussed so many times here, where some people want Wireframe to default to see-through wires, we could do that in another way:. Well but I have to disagree that it’s “not a viewport shading option”.

It’s both. So it should be regarded as both. I agree with Brecht Van Lommel brecht here but I get the frustration. The proposal to “add a Hidden Wire toggle in the Shading popover, which does not affect selection” sounds like a step backwards in terms of merging the two settings before. Doesn’t it cause the same issue the merge intended to solve? I’m fine with renaming X-Ray to Hidden Wire in wireframe mode though we need to resolve the conflict with the existing option with the same name.

But I can’t see how it helps to have both settings in wireframe mode. Well, it’s both in the sense that we’ve always tried to display what you can select. So in that way, the selection modes always affected the visual display a bit, to make things clear. Another thing: There’s an unstated assumption here that the see-through wires are the ‘real’ wireframe mode.

Are we sure this is the case? I have a feeling that that is only because it would look more like 2. Having the backfacing wires hidden can be just as useful. All that said, this is not the hill I wish to die on. If you really think we should do the decoupling, I won’t be obnoxious – I just think it’s fundamentally wrong for a shading mode to change the selection mode also, and will confuse users. They will tell Blender to not select through, and then change to Wireframe, and then suddenly it’s changed, from under their feet.

Now the selection behaves differently, just because you changed the shading mode. Then they tell blender to select through and go to a different shading mode, and it’s changed again, because there’s a different flag for different shading modes.

Fundamentally it comes down to this: In X-Ray mainly a tool setting or mainly a viewport shading setting?

Your answer will inform your opinion. I think of it as though the old Occlude Selection has just become more consistent across the modes, and I don’t think of it as a viewport shading thing. It would not change in Edit Mode vs Object Mode. This option would then not affect selection, although it has the potential to introduce confusion.

Currently it’s clear that you can always select what you can see.