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2a) Ashampoo’s ‘offers’ are certainly not for those without a hearty supply of Valium. At least once a week I receive offers on products that I have already purchased that are considerably lower priced. For example, I returned my reduced price Office and PDF Pro 2 products when I received a much reduced offer for an Office/PDF Pro 2 bundle/5(68). Sep 24,  · FreeOffice review: Microsoft Office alternative gets some welcome upgrades With a revised interface, touchscreen support, and additional app features, FreeOffice is a truly viable Office. This is a wonderful, light office suite. Good word-processing which can double as a simple page layout app; a very complete spreadsheet app and a decent presentations app. For those who don’t know, this is almost exactly the same as Softmaker Office, excluding only the visual basic module, which is unnecessary to most users/5.


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Sep 24,  · FreeOffice review: Microsoft Office alternative gets some welcome upgrades With a revised interface, touchscreen support, and additional app features, FreeOffice is a truly viable Office. Nov 16,  · Ashampoo Office is an Office suite for users who wish to avoid the expense of using Microsoft Office. The Textmaker word processor is elegantly laid out and functions well. There is an auto-formatting option which can take the hassle out of formatting large amounts of text correctly.4/5. 2a) Ashampoo’s ‘offers’ are certainly not for those without a hearty supply of Valium. At least once a week I receive offers on products that I have already purchased that are considerably lower priced. For example, I returned my reduced price Office and PDF Pro 2 products when I received a much reduced offer for an Office/PDF Pro 2 bundle/5(68).

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Contact form doesn’t work. Spam mails I love ashampoo pdf. It is just a little slow but so is my computer. The price was great. Also I want to get their video editor. I have to wonder about the bad reviews Ashampoo gets.

Are the reviews competent computer users or not. Sure Ashampoo Marketing is on the annoying side, but it can be turned off or toned down. Here we have a company making software for the masses. It’s not overtly expensive and often a real bargain. Sure, often the bargains come when there is a new release on the cards, but that’s the same with any company.

I use Linux mainly and as a result, a lot of open source software. Whilst I have my reasons for not buying software from some vendors, I usually buy Ashampoo products when a great offer comes along.

I rarely buy at the full price. My latest bargain is the 3d CAD Pro. Looking forward to playing with that. I use their burning software for optical disc writes, in spite of having Nero, which I use for other things. Would I buy the Office Suite. Well, no, Libre office, which no doubt this is based on, is as good, no cost and comes with a database and more. I have bought a few things that I ended up not using. I can optimise my PC quite happily without the need to use another piece of software to do it.

I found the original uninstaller to be a little clanky and time consuming, but I might give it another go. That said, I am happy to go and clear out the registry manually if I need to.

The thing is, there is a trial period, so before buying, one should be able to figure out if the software works for you or not. I haven’t had any horrific failures, but my PC is up to date and installations are made carefully. As a regular customer, one can earn Yiggles. A strange name, but ultimately, one can get some current software for free.. So that’s a pretty good reason to buy now and then.

So all in all they are not a bad company. I have had to make one request for support, from a partner product but I had a good idea what the problem was.. So go and try before you buy.. That way you are not going to part with any cash.. Downloaded Ashampoo Burning Studio – Free about 6 months ago. Have burned multiple discs. Each one was perfect.

Software has a nice set of adjustments and built in functions. I have been using Ashampoo’s products for many years now and have to say that overall I am happy and have little to complain about.

I do find PDF Pro quite slow to start but suspect my Security Suite may be checking it and Ashampoo’s buy something else pop ups does not help. I find their customer and technical support fine. The pricing policies of Ashampoo, as others have observed, could be bothersome in their constantly offering products at ever-reduced prices – but this is really not so strange as products age; more importantly, they have always refunded promptly on any request, although I agree that they typically are reticent about offering any other correspondence.

However, they do offer some customer-service pluses. For one, they retain records of all software purchases subsequent to the Boer War, easily searchable, with download links and activation keys – this for all registered items, including those obtained at no cost. Many firms charge for such ‘extended’ download support’ as much as most Ashampoo softwares typically cost in the first place!

I was amazed to see the records of all my software, scores of programs, probably dating back to my Bar Mitzvah. Their website is a bit fun, too: not a big deal, but check the superb 3D immersive tour of their new building.

As for their software, I generally find it worth the price, at least when on sale. This is not a supplier one might first turn to when close user technical support is required, but it is a reliable supplier of low to very low cost software which has a wide user base for potential support.

Since I purchased their Driver Updater almost a year ago, I have been complaining because it never finds any more driver updates. Yet when I use a different application which I’m running in “free mode” I have sent several emails showing that their app is no longer finding updates. The only answer I have received is to wait a while before checking again. Well this time it has been over 4 months and it finds nothing, when the free version from a different company finds more common driver updates.

Mixed opinions: 1a ‘CutOut 8’ admittedly provided by an associate company is indeed awful; I am not clear how it reached ‘8’. Indeed, even the support email address bounces and directs users to a German-only language site, which surprisingly enough, I found to be of not a great deal of use Ashampoo customer support provided a screen-shot of all being well in the current MS Office, so I sent 1 straight back showing that this was not the case with MS Office ; a response from the development team was assured, but none arrived, at least not by the first time that I returned both products For example: their Driver Updater proved to be a necessity, when I found that my PC manufacturer’s utility no longer worked.

Their Backup software is quite reliable, at least in comparison to my last vendor’s, EaseUS R , product that starting failing every time. At least once a week I receive offers on products that I have already purchased that are considerably lower priced. This weekend at least 6 products including both Office and PDF Pro 2 were on sale at a considerably reduced rate, even when compared to the previous offers for bundles. Only yesterday, 1 of even those 6 was reduced yet again!

Being ‘Safer Internet Day’ an offer came through for 3 products 2 of which I already have, plus the current Zip, for a bargain price. I have pointed out to Ashampoo that this really does not win friends for the company. Their full Zip product does all that I wanted – pack and unpack, I just do not need all of the features that I would have needed to pay for though today’s offer would have been taken up if my Backup product was not now outside of the day return period!

Overall: this company is the proverbial Curate’s Egg, they have some great engineers, but plenty of annoying sales guys as well!

As the title states, everything has been going well so far. A real Effort here in Terrible Software that should never be given away let alone Sold.. I bought Cutout 8 as I needed a simple easy to use program to remove backgrounds from pictures. So far I have not been able to achieve this. Simple it is not, even when the background is one colour. Your get so far and the program crashes. My first introduction to their software has not been a good one!

Perhaps in time I might work it out, but it looks like viewing a number of Utube videos first. Ideally I just wanted a one click solution.

I have been using Ashampoo software for many, many years and have bought all their titles except for the CAD programs that’s a lot of software. I have also always upgraded to the latest versions and I have, over the years, actually recommended the software to over friends and contacts all of whom have been advised of my current views. I recently had a concern with the pricing of the software when, just after buying an upgrade I got a general sales email offering it to me at a lower price.

I emailed customer service to query this and got back a reply which, to say the least, showed a level of arrogance which was mind boggling. I am no longer buying their software and have now managed to replace all my owned titles with competitor software.

Each time I’ve uninstalled a title I’ve completed the form explaining my reasons over 15 times with absolutely no feedback from Ashampoo. I have no problem with most of the software itself but I cannot deal with a company who treats loyal customers with such utter contempt.

I suggest anyone considering buying from Ashampoo looks for an alternative with a level of customer service and sales philosophy which is, at least acceptable before committing. I have been using some of their products for over 20 years and never had any real issues with them. They do what they say and so far, are quite reliable. The driver updates software is a breeze to use espically if you have limited time during your day to fix upgrade of track down updated software.

Burning studio is a must. Winoptimzer is also up there. Guys keep up the great work Cheers. I have the movie studio, burning studio, music studio and the PDF Pro. The software is cheap and does what it says. As for customer support, I could not be happier. I have contacted them twice and each time a support guy got back via email and solved my problem.

Go into your account on the Ashampoo site and simply reset the licence. It is easy and works regardless of what other reviews say! Software worked fine first Activation but don’t ever buy the cheap upgrades they offer because they seem to wipe your purchases from your account and try to get you buy it all again.

I had burning rom 14 and bought the upgrade to BR16 I have a legit product key which works fine. But the movie maker side is locked out it has limited activations but they don’t tell you that when you try to use it say if youve had to reinstall your OS over the years which I have done. I upgraded to Windows 10 from 7 so obviously a reinstall this was 2 years ago and just a few weeks I upgraded my system parts again a reinstall.

Now movie maker asked to be activated even the my product key works fine you still are locked out of the software partially, but anyway I contact support they say they don’t have any record of my purchase when it was thought that site I bought the upgrade Now I then get emails and offers for BR21 they can get lost because I purchased my BR16 software upgrade legit there a con company who offer deals to upgrade but then the records just vanish.

It was years ago I bought it and I can’t remember if it was PayPal or my bank account and in not trailing through years of records to find it I’ll find a free version of something instead.